About our Pastor and Family

I (Murray) have been married to my beautiful wife Marie since the year 2000.  We are both originally from southern Oregon and have a deep appreciation for the outdoors. When we get some free time we enjoy travel, hiking, camping, gardening, photography, backpacking and meeting new people. We have lived in Oregon, Nebraska (Lincoln & Kearney), Michigan (Berrien Springs), Kansas (Chanute) and California (Anderson). 

13+ years ago God brought a little bundle of joy into our lives, and we named him Mitchell. He is has grown into such a responsible, caring individual who enjoys a variety of animals – but especially chickens!  Our second son, Micah (10+) is a hardworking boy who enjoys reading, puzzles and helping to care for our dogs.  Our little girl, Makayla, is 9+ and has a kind, energetic personality.  She brings us joy through her smiles and gentleness.  The youngest “Miller” is Michael.  At age 6+ he is a constant “tinkerer” of anything he can get his hands on.  He also enjoys puzzles, reading, and of course outdoor activities.  Currently, we have a small acreage in Northern California where we have chickens, sheep, livestock guardian dogs, and many agrarian pursuits. 
My wife is a stay-at-home Mom right now - which is a full-time job in itself – and teaches our children.  She is also a Registered Nurse and spent several years ministering to the elderly in nursing homes.

If you are interested in my experiences / education, then here they are briefly:

·I became a Christian when I was 17 years old. Eventually I was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church and felt a call to ministry. This led to a prayerful move to Union College in Lincoln, NE.

·I have graduated from Adventist colleges with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  I finished a DMin. degree from Andrews University in May of 2019. 

·I have pastored since 2006, was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2010 and currently pastor in California.

My prayer for all of us:
When the Lord sees fit to bring our paths together, may our time be of eternal valueI pray that we will all be drawn closer to Christ and be better prepared for His soon return.  Specifically, I pray that we will all be empowered to stay connected with God, our families, each other and the communities we live in!  Find me on Facebook to stay connected via social media.