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Official NCC Constituency Documents
1.  The Official Letter from the Anderson Church requesting the addition of "A Motion of Solidarity" as an agenda item for the October 16, 2016 Constituency Session is available here.
2.  Description of the Rationale, Process and supporting Appendices/Documentation are available here.
3.  The Official Letter from the Sacramento Central Church is available by contacting their church: http://www.saccentral.org/

Member Resources Leading Up to the July 14, 2016 Business Meeting Vote
1.  The member invitation letter for our upcoming Business Meeting (July 14 @ 7:00pm) here.
2.  The description of the process, preamble, motion and supporting articles here.
3.  The Openness discussion FORM used at the Business Meeting is available here.
Description of the Pastoral Ministry TEAM

Our Elder's TEAM provides oversight, insight and time in the following areas:
T (Teaching) – 2 Elders who regularly teach/evaluate S.S. classes, preach when needed, attend Sabbath School Councils, help host evangelistic meetings, fill in for Pastor’s weekly study group in his absence and evaluate literature upon request.   
 E (Evangelism) - 2 Elders work with the Pastor to organize staffing, arrange for deacons to open up/close each night, and help with visitation during meetings or assigns names to other elders during prophecy meetings.  Also, they are in charge of interacting with guests and members by organizing visitations during prophecy meetings as well as chairing those meetings.  Learn more about an upcoming series by visiting www.andersonadventist.com/prophecy
A (Administrative) - 1 Elder who works out the platform schedule each year after officers are installed (August/September): Call to Worship, Invocation & Offering. Communicates this schedule to the secretary and Pastor.  Reminds elders via phone /email, schedules elders for communion, notifies deacons/deaconesses of upcoming communion, calls departmental heads each year in October to check on PREPP forms, orderly conducts the church service in Pastor’s absence, arranges guest speakers in Pastor’s absence. 
M (Member Care): 2 elders who assist on the platform as assigned by the Administrative elder.  Checks the guest book to see if any visitors have come to church since the last Sabbath and sends them a note of encouragement.  These elders are also on call and ready to assist the pastor in person or by phone with hospitalizations, encouraging members, etc.  They phones shut-ins or non-attending members on a monthly basis and once per quarter calls the Head Deacon & Deaconess to see which deacons / deaconesses can visit non-attending members after the communion service/fellowship meal.  Deacon/ness teams will take a bulletin/newsletter, etc. and pray with these inactive or homebound members.    These elders chair the visitation Sabbath meetings and pass out maps, visitation assignments, materials, etc. 
*All Elders: Assist with platform duties as scheduled by the Administrative Elder, participate in visitation Sabbaths, attend monthly TEAM meetings, assist with communion, and assist with other on-call visitation as well as other duties as asked by the Pastor or Administrative Elder.  The elders also evaluate spiritual programming, elements of the order of service and help with the overall spiritual atmosphere of the church along with attending Board meetings when available.

If you have a comment or suggestion for the elders in one of these areas, then feel free to contact Pastor Miller (murray.miller@nccsda.com) or fill out the FORM by clicking HERE.  Thank you and God Bless you!
Resources for Elders
1.  Elder's Digest - http://eldersdigest.org/
2.  Church Manual - https://www.adventist.org/en/information/church-manual/
3.  Pastoral Ministry by Ellen G. White - Click here.
4.  General Conference Leadership Resources - Click here.