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Each year we offer informative and engaging prophecy seminars.  These seminars will feature in person, telecast or downlink speakers.  Study materials will be provided.  Below is more information about our current seminars.
1.  TBD: Unsealing Daniel's Mysteries - A video series with Mark Finley with lauch date to be determined. Pastor Miller will be your host for this exciting, lifechanging series that continues for 12 weeks.  Enter the side classroom on the Westside of the building.  

2.  March 4: Revelation's Overcoming Bride - Each Saturday morning at 11:00am beginning March 4, 2017 and continuing weekly through May 6 and will be followed up with an "Overcoming IN Christ" sermon series each Saturday morning from March 14 through June 24. Speakers include Pastor Murray Miller, Elders Allan Nueske and Uriel Belboda.  Enter the main entry doors on the North side of the building and enter the auditorium/sanctuary.

3.  October 26-29: A Pale Horse Rides - Join us as we celebrate the Martin Luther 500th Anniversary.  From the makers of "Shadow Empire" comes this historical / Biblical seminar presented by Shawn Boonstra.  Visit this link to view a trailer: http://palehorserides.com/

****Sign up for Prophecy Seminars by filling out the FORM HERE or send Pastor 
Miller an e-mail at murray.miller@nccsda.com****

Past Studies:
1.  The Appearing - Find out more about the end of the world and SOON returnd of Jesus by viewing the lessons and materials here:http://www.theappearing.com/

2.  The Last Day of Prophecy - An informative 7 part series on a truth that will change your life.  Visit www.lastdayofprophecy.com or www.sabbathtruth.com for videos, handouts and more!
3.  Revelation: Hope, Meaning, Purpose.  A Revelation Series is a new and fresh approach to understanding the wonderful mysteries of the final book of the Bible. Most people find the book of Revelation confusing in its use of symbols and imagery. Through this series we demonstrate that Revelation is in fact about hope, meaning and purpose for a world headed for despair. The series includes 24 sessions. Chapter by chapter through the book of Revelation, your journey of discovery will enlighten and enthuse you.