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Andrews University
I, Murray Miller, am conducting a reseach study as part of my doctoral project, in partial fullment for my Doctorate in Ministry at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan.   Your participation in this study is greatly a appreciated.  Please read the form below carefully, clicking on the link in ALL CAPS provides your consent.
Research Title: A Collaborative Leadership Strategy to Develop a Missional Focus at the Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church

Purpose of Study:  The task of this project is to develop, implement and evaluate a biblically-based collaborative strategy to help the Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church develop a mission/vision document and five year goals.  This strategy will combine Biblical concepts, the latest leadership literature on collaboration and a corporate collaborative process.  The Church’s self-perception will be evaluated using an assessment tool produced by the Northern California Conference at the beginning of the project (August 2014) and at the end of the project (February 2016).  The purpose of the survey is to evaluate the overall perception of the church’s health before and after the project.
Duration of participation in study: I understand that I will be required to complete a survey entitled Northern California Conference Church Assement tool, which will take appriximately  30 minutes of my time at the beginning and end of the project.
Benefits: As a participants I will benefit by knowing that my input was solicited in regard to the perception of health of the Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church. 
Risks: I understand that risks are minimal, with the ability to devote a short-term commitment of my time as the primary cost of this research. 

Voluntary Participation: I have been informed that my participation in this study is completely voluntary. I am aware that there will be no penalty or loss of benefits I'm entitled to if I decide to cancel my participation in this study. And that there will be no cost to me for particpating in this study

Confidentiality: I understand that confidentiality is of utmost importance to this research and that precautions will be taken in order to ensure my anonymity.  The precautions will be that surveys will be anonymous, the results and written copies of the surveys will be kept in secure locations and that after three years the documents / files will be destroyed. I understand that my identity in this study will not be disclosed in any published document. And that researcher will keep the records at the Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church in a password protected computer and file cabinet in a locked office.

Contact: I am aware that I can contact Murray Miller (530-364-2041 / pastormumiller@yahoo.com), or his advisor, Del Dunavant (925-603-5090 /  ddunavant@nccsda.com), or the Project Coach (David Penno 269-471-6366 / penno@andrews.edu) for answers to  questions related to this study.  I can also contact the Institutional Review Board at Andrews University at (269) 471-6361 or irb@andrews.edu.
I have read the contents of this Consent and received verbal explanations to questions I had. My questions concerning this study have been answered satisfactorily. I hereby give my voluntary consent to participate in this study by clicking below. I am fully aware that if I have any additional questions I can contact the researcher, Murray L. Miller, or their advisor.